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Vienna Boys Choir and Vienna Girls Choir Receive Jointly the European Cultural Prize

The Vienna Boys Choir, at 526 years, and the Vienna Girls Choir, set to celebrate their 20th anniversary, are delighted to receive a joint award: the European Culture Prize is an international recognition of both artistic achievement and social commitment. The award ceremony took place on Friday, 7 June, during a gala event at the Luxembourg Philharmonic. Actor Ludwig Blochberger, himself a former member of the VBC, delivered a moving speech. Blochberger emphasised that he benefits from his training as a choirboy to this day. The gala was hosted by the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg, conducted by Alondra de la Parra.

‘We feel pride, joy and great gratitude to be awarded the European Culture Prize. It is a confirmation and recognition of our work, for the entire Campus, its students and employees,‘ says Erich Arthold, President of the Vienna Boys Choir. ‘Only a tradition that scrutinises itself and continues to develop remains alive.’ The education at Campus Augarten, listed as cultural heritage by UNESCO, is accessible to all, regardless of origin, gender, nationality or religion.

Entrepreneur Klemens Hallmann, main partner of the European Cultural Awards, maintains, ‘It is important to support cultural initiatives in Europe and to strengthen the common ground and diversity on our continent. This year's Cultural Award Gala is more than ever about equal opportunities and the promotion of young talent. I am particularly pleased that this award for the Vienna Boys Choir and Vienna Girls Choir not only honours a long-standing tradition, but also furthers the musical development of girls."

The European Cultural Forum's Award is considered to be one of the most important in Europe: in addition to the two choirs, HRH Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, conductor Alondra de la Parra, tenor Rolando Villazon, singers Fatma Said and Ronan Keating, Frank Elstner and Jean-Claude Juncker as well as the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra were among those honoured on Friday.