Sing with Gerald Wirth and Toni #1

Singa is ins’re Freud (Singing is our joy).
Jocular song from the Tyrol and Salzburg.
Arr. Gerald Wirth

This song represents in many ways the Vienna Boys’ Choir’s motto; singing is our joy. It is about the pleasure derived from singing, especially communal singing (the best kind of infectious). It is very much an example of a song where further verses can be (and are) invented on the spot to suit the singers, ad infinitum.

Singa is ins’re Freud,
Singa tuan mehrer Leut;
Wer si net z’singa traut,
der hat koa Schneid.

Singa tuan alle gern,
Bauern und noble Herrn,
und wer nit singa mag,
soll si fortschearn.

Singa tuat jeda Bua,
a mit da Geign dazua,
und wer net singa wü,
der hat koa Gfü.

Singing is our joy,
many people sing.
He who doesn’t dare sing
Has no courage.

Everyone likes to sing,
Peasants and aristocrats
And who does not want to sing,
Should be off.

Every boy sings,
Alone or accompanied by a fiddle,
And he who won’t sing
Has no feeling.

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