CD: Together

The 19 songs on this album are about love and longing, about friendship and hope, about life as such, and they have all migrated: they are known and loved around the world. They are our songs against the pandemic, a cappella, and with guests - like the fabulous Janoska Ensemble, who accompany us on four tracks. Fans will note that most of the songs on this CD have never before been recorded by us. All four choirs have participated in the recordings. Total playing time: 66:00

TOGETHER / Track list

01. Day-dah Light (Banana Boat Song)

02. S. Yradier, La paloma

03. S. Secunda / A. Zeitlin, Dona, dona (Hargail Version). ©Emi Mills Music Inc. By kind permission of EMI Music Publishing Germany GmbH

04. G. Wirth / T. Breckwoldt, The Choir

05. H. Purcell / J. Dryden, Music for a While

06. Music Down in My Soul

07. Vem kan segla förutan vind

08. B. Fomin / K. Podrewski, Dorogoi Dlinnoyu

09. O. di Lasso, O la, o che bon eccho

10. G. Rossini / H. Lucas, La speranza

11. Niska banja

12. Sesivuma sigiya

13. J.P. Ordway / K. Indou / Li Shutong, Dreaming of Home and Mother - Ryoshu - Song Bie (Li Ge)

14. R. Taki / D. Bansui, Kojo no tsuki

15. V. Digambar Paluskar / M.Gandhi, Raghupati Raghav Raj Ram

16. A. Khusro Dahlavi, Man kunto maula

17. Üsküdar'a gider iken

18. W. Nelson, On the Road Again. ©Full Nelson Music. By kind permission of EMI Music Publishing Germany GmbH

19. Wellerman


JANOSKA ENSEMBLE (3, 8, 11, 17)

Gerhard Reiter and Andreas Huber, Percussion (12, 15, 16, 19)
Hartmut Pfannmüller, Percussion (2)

Jörg Ulrich Krah, cello (5)
Jeremy Joseph, organ (5)

Dieter Strehly, shakuhachi (13, 14)
Ming Wang, guzheng (13)

Manolo Cagnin, Jimmy Chiang, Manuel Huber, Oliver Stech, choirmasters
GERALD WIRTH, Artistic Director

Recorded in the Imperial Chapel, Vienna, 6/2021
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