525 Years Anniversary Box (21 CDs)

525 Years. 21 CDs. 358 Tracks.
CD01: The Beginnings (Renaissance): Emperor Maximilian I to Emperor Rudolf II
CD02: Emperor Rudolf II to Emperor Charles VI
CD03: High Baroque: Caldara at the Court of Emperor Charles VI
CD04: Joseph Haydn: Masses
CD05: Joseph Haydn: Masses and Sacred Songs
CD06: Michael Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
CD07: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Masses
CD08: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Masses II
CD09: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Requiem Mass
CD10: Salieri - Beethoven - Eybler - Herbeck
CD11: Schubert: Sacred Songs
CD12: Schubert: Mass in E flat
CD13: Schubert - Brahms - Mendelssohn: Sacred Songs
CD14: Bruckner - Fauré - Verdi - Britten
CD15: From Mozart to Schumann: Lieder
CD16: From Mendelssohn to Britten: Lieder
CD17: Folk Songs from around the World
CD18: Folk Songs from Austria and Germany
CD19: Strauss & Co
CD20: A Vienna Boys Choir Christmas Choice
CD21: Historical Recordings
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