No man is an island; nor is a choir

We know we are privileged; we have a stunningly beautiful roof over our heads, we have food.
We live with friends, we are safe. And we have music.

We  firmly believe that we must give back and share what we have. In a number of ways.

Here is what we do -
philanthropy and outreach activities

We sing to raise money for different children's charities. We hold workshops for choirs, and for choirmasters. Sometimes we sing with choirs who don't know they are a choir - yet. We host singalongs at our school and at MuTh.

Singing furthers community, and it makes happy. It is one way to help integration. We hold workshops for refugees in Jordan, Palestine, Greece, and in Vienna.

We co-founded Superar, which runs choirs for children with little or no access to music in Vienna. And because we believe you can sing at any age, we have our own Venture Choir, where singers aged from 16 to 91 come together to make music. They have performed with us at MuTh.