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Release date: 7 September 2020
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Our newest album will be released on 7 September 2020 on our very own label, Resound. "Simply Classical" features recordings made pre-Corona; the boys show their talents in works by Josquin, Vivaldi, Haydn, Schubert, Schumann, Rossini, Biebl, Gjeilo, and Wirth.

11 of the 14 tracks are first recordings by the Vienna Boys Choir. The album offers 61 minutes of music from the Middle Ages to Today, with everything from motets to masses, from arias to world music - a journey through the choir's repertoire, in brilliant sound quality.

"Simply Classical"

Resound 2020-01

Soloists of the Vienna Boys Choir (1, 2, 5, 9)
Wiener Sängerknaben - Vienna Boys Choir
Chorus Viennensis (1, 11, 14)

Wolfgang Kogert, organ
Salonorchester Alt-Wien (1, 2, 14)

Choir masters:
Manolo Cagnin, Jimmy Chiang, Luiz de Godoy, Manuel Huber, Oliver Stech
Artistic Director: Gerald Wirth

Recording and mix:
Hartmut Pfannmüller
Sound technician: Christoph Halper, Pink Noise
Mastering: Goldchamber Mastering - Horst Pfaffelmayer
"Simply Classical" - Tracks
01 Kyrie
02 Nulla in mundo pax sincera
03 La carità
04 Der Gondelfahrer
05 Gute Nacht (Good Night)
06 Widerspruch
07 Ave Maria - Angelus Domini
08 Saren kowga ĵowxtm ģoč
09 Blondels Lied
10 Die Capelle
11 Proch dolor
12 Kaval sviri
13 Ave generosa
14 Ave nobilis, venerabilis Maria